top 5 penis devices compared 2

SizeGenetics is the ULTIMATE penis enlargement solution.

Backed by hundreds of medical professionals, the SizeGenetics device has been medically proven to help increase your penis by up to 3 inches in length using traction technology to steadily stretch the penis.

Having been recognised time and time again as one of the best ‘sure fire’ ways to enlarge your penis, SizeGenetics also boasts a very useful 6 month guarantee to ensure that you get the best penis gains EVER… or your money back!

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MaleExtra is an incredibly powerful male enhancement pill that will help force blood through your penis making penis enlargement easier and quicker.


Harder erections, more power ejaculations and increased sexual appetite are just some of the amazing benefits you get with MaleExtra.

Comes FREE with penis enlargement exercise to help you reach your massive penis enlargement gains QUICKLY!

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PenisHealth is a series of over 54 clinically used and recognised exercises designed to not only improve overall penile health, but also improve penile girth by up to an inch, and increase penile length by up to 3 inches.


This amazing collection of penis exercise will also improve your erection strength and help straighten your penis, making it look more sexually impressive.

PenisHealth is available online and on DVD, and is one of the most affordable methods of penis enlargement available today.

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The UltimateStretcher device is one of the most affordable penis stretching devices available on the internet today.


Although the UltimateStretcher device WILL help you reach significant penile gains, the Ultimate Stretcher is not as good as the SizeGenetics device in our opinion.

However if your looking for a cheaper traction device, the UltimateStretcher is certainly worth a look.

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MaleEdge is the latest traction device to hit the market, and although it has a strong and popular following, it has not been around look enough to see if it stands the test of time or not.


Our reviews decided that the device is “ok” and that you should see some penile gains as a result of using.

However we suggest you try either the UltimateStretcher or the SizeGenetics device if your looking for a more reliable product.

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